25-årig serie-iværksætter udfordre det svenske marked

Swedish e-commerce is growing rapidly with an increase of 12% since last year. This makes the market is now in excess of 90 billion. Swedish krona, which has led to several Danish companies opens up in Sweden. The webshop  Winkwink.dk   has just opened in Sweden and here we see great potential for our Swedish neighbors market.

25-year-old entrepreneur Kristoffer Hjerrild, owner of the store Winkwink.dk who is 2 years old, says that elections around Sweden came with a call for greater focus on international online trading. Here the choice fell on Sweden after analyzing the various local markets.

“We considered Norway, Sweden and Germany and the election was Sweden when we assessed that both competition and cultural / structural differences were the best here. We can provide rapid delivery of 1-3 days and with prices that are in good competition with the Swedish webshops. “says Kristoffer Hjerrild, owner of Winkwink.dk and winkwink.se

What makes Swedish e-commerce so interesting?

Our Swedish neighbors have always been a nearby country to export to. The Swedish economy grew by 1.9 per cent. in 2014 and this is expected to increase to 2.1 per cent. in 2015 and 3.0 per cent. in 2016. More recently there has been tendency to increase in the Swedish krona against the Danish, increasing Danish competitiveness and export value in Danish kroner.

In addition, an increase in online trading with more than 12% last year and 28% at 3 years and a total turnover of more than 90 billion. Swedish krona made the Swedish market very attractive for Danish IT companies.

The Swedes are comfortable with foreign companies

The Swedish Consumers generally feel confident shopping on foreign websites, as more than 40% of all Swedes have shopped online abroad. This is an expression of Swedes are positive towards foreign companies and it is especially young people aged 25-34 years, where more down 52% acted on foreign websites.

Great potential in the Swedish market

Kristoffer Hjerrild see great potential in the Swedish market as it currently is less than the Danish consumption, which is expected to be 90 billion. Danish kroner this year. With a population of 9.6 million. residents along the body with Denmark’s 5.6 million inhabitants, there are good opportunities for an increase in online trade for many years.

Differences between Denmark and Sweden

Our Swedish neighbors like us much but according Kristoffer Hjerrild there are certain differences that Danish companies should be aware of before they enter the Swedish market.

“Culturally, there are many similarities between Denmark and Sweden, which makes marketing and products are largely the same. Logistics are easy to Sweden when countries are close to each other and Post Denmark is part of PostNord, which makes it possible to deliver in just one day. That means you are in strong competition with the Swedish webshops. There are limited language barrier associated with Swedish.

It reminds very much about the Danish language and therefore it is easy to get it translated and have control over the company. E-commerce is globally a major growth area, and we have since the opening of winkwink.dk knew that we would open more markets, within 24 months for the simple reason that the Danish market can quickly become too small and the potential for sell in multiple markets has never been easier . says Kristoffer Hjerrild, owner of Winkwink.dk

FDIH: Danish web shops must improve exports

According to the Association of Danish Internet commerce (FDIH) has Danish e-commerce a deficit of 25 billion. in the e-border. Therefore, the Danish e-commerce develop and expand beyond its borders, as e-commerce imbalance offset by increasing sales to foreign consumers. There is taken the first political steps to strengthen the digitization of trades and increase exports through e-commerce with IT growth agreement from February 2015, but we are far from reaching our destination yet.

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