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At Winkwink we are constantly looking for good stories about topics such as hverdagssex, sex life generally, funny stories, lifestyle, relationships and of course sex toys.


Do you have a great idea for a good blog post?

Would you like to earn some of your skills at the keyboard?

Do you have something to say, but you’re missing an unbiased forum?

Looking for a place where you can link to your own site / blog?

Then take here.

Sex toys and lingerie should be entertaining

In Winkwink’s sex shop, we are of the conviction that sex toys should be much more than a tool for orgasms. Toys may well be attractive and nice to look at, should be easy, comfortable and fun to use, and works as an integral part of a healthy and well-functioning sex life with singles and couples.

Sex toys and naughty fantasies must be demystified and it is our mission to get as many Danes as possible to be familiar, confident and dare to explore their sexuality individually and with each other.

We also believe that the whole world about sex toys and sex life should be entertaining. Therefore, we strive to create a platform where customers not only can buy sex toys and lingerie of the highest quality at competitive prices, but where you can also get a good laugh and get in a good mood with a fun and or insightful article.

Become a guest blogger

Therefore Winkwink hunting for the newest creative bloggers, writers and people who have something to say about topics such as relationships, sex life and desires, but lack a forum that is open-minded and if you want anonymously. Then we want to be available. The stakes are obviously highly appreciated and will be rewarded with such gift cards, discounts, sex toys / lingerie and or cash amount, whichever we agree individually.

So would you like to try something new, help to create quality online and call yourself a professional guest blogger while getting reward for your efforts per. post? – Write a little about yourself, your ideas and who you are as a person to us at


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